Animal Testing

    Pincerna is strongly against the practice of testing cosmetics on animals, and has held this view since the company was founded back in 2018. As a compassionate and responsible company we have always believed it to be abhorrent to use animals to test the safety of cosmetic products, especially as we only use natural ingredients.

    Since 2013 it has been outlawed to test on Animals within the European Union, many corporate still use umbrella companies to conduct synthetic barbaric tests on an industrial scale. At Pincerna we only choose natural ingredients from companies that can provide full provenance tracking from origin to delivery to ourselves.

    Due to our stance on animal testing, Pao has only ever made natural products since he started in 2011 with his first skincare formulas. Our origin is making skincare for children with chronic skin conditions and we have not changed our quality ethics in creating Pincerna. We have a strict company policy against all synthetic versions of natural products as we believe in using nature’s natural goodness to nourish the skin.

    Our cosmetics don’t use any parabens, synthetic emulsifiers or foam boosting agents. We use natural Vitamin E and an organically verified Eco preservative made from Grapefruit. Our emulsifiers are from the Vegan ice cream and baking industry to ensure that they have only been tested on humans.

    Our perfumes and aftershaves do not use perfumer’s alcohol, synthesized ethanol or fixatives instead we use natural fruit, flower and vegetable oils as our base so we have no need to use animal testing as these have been safely used by humans for hundreds of years.

    Our fragrance uses naturally extracted essential oils that have been used by various tribes since at least the Egyptian era.  We have no need to test these on animals due to their extensive use by humans over time.

    Pincerna Policy Statement

    No product, or ingredient of any product, has ever been tested on animals by Pincerna since its foundation – nor will there ever be a requirement to do so. Furthermore, we do not use the services of any other research establishment to conduct animal testing on our behalf, either on a product or any product ingredient.

    Our toxicologist is a leading expert on certifying natural cosmetics and an advocate for animal free testing. Batch testing of our formulas has been conducted at the University of Dundee medical department where real-time and accelerated stability tests were performed on our registered recipes. This involves microbiology testing under a microscope on several samples of our formulas with no animal testing required.

    Pincerna operates a strict policy to never purchase products or ingredients from suppliers or intermediary agents who have conducted, commissioned or been party to animal testing for cosmetics on them, since our company began.

    Therefore, we require annual written assurances from each of our suppliers to ensure that the ingredients they sell to us comply with our policy, which stipulates that no animal testing is conducted or commissioned for finished cosmetic products or ingredients by the company, its laboratories or its suppliers.

    Our commitment to this policy is such that if any of the ingredients we use were found not to be compliant with our standards, we would seek an alternative supplier for the relevant ingredients, or if necessary remove them from our product range. Our vetting process for our suppliers ensures we understand the provenance of the ingredient so this has and will never be necessary.

    Naturally Botanical

    We use Natures Harvest to create our botanical wonders without using GMO oils whilst our emulsifiers are COSMOS approved. We use no animal products in the making of our fragrance or cosmetics, also no vegetarian products that have been filtered using animal by-products. All our oils and butters are organic, unfiltered and have not been processed in the mass hexane solvent filtering factories in Holland. We will not accept any product that has passed through the Netherlands due to the risk of hexane stripping.

    Our ingredients have been ratified against the Environmental Working Group (EWG) medical database where we achieve the highest safety rating of 1 for all of our ingredients. Our ingredients have no advisory warnings except for natural fragrance allergens which are stated for those with food intolerances.

    All our essential oils are fair trade; we do not accept low grade oils from the harvesting factories associated with the ‘class A’ drug industry.  Our oils are responsibly harvested and naturally filtered to ensure they keep all the medicinal and vitamin benefits enjoyed by tribes over the millennia.

    We use no ethanol, synthetic fixatives or synthetic animal substitutes in the creation of our perfumes and aftershaves. All our fragrance is plant based; our olive jojoba and calendula oils are cold pressed.

    We don’t use any extreme heat or agitators in the making of our products, instead we use our innovative process ‘Chauffage Doux’ to create a natural smoothness and glide in our cosmetics.

    Synthetic Ingredients

    Sadly any company using synthetic ingredients has tested on animals or is using safety reports submitted prior to the enforcement of the EU ban in July 2013. Pao feels blessed to have entered the industry at the right time taking his values from the Fresh Natural Food industry to only ever create products with Natural Ingredients that have no requirement for any type of animal testing. Join Pao’s journey through aromatic and cosmetic wonderment with ‘Fresh Born on Date’ perfume and cosmetics made by hand by a ‘Man In A Hat’.

    Fighting Against Animal Testing

    We support Cruelty Free International who is working to end animal experiments worldwide. They investigate and expose what really goes on in animal testing laboratories, and champion better science and cruelty-free living.

    People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has more than 3 million members and supporters, and is currently considered the largest animal rights organization in the world. PETA focuses its attention on the four areas in which the largest numbers of animals suffer the most intensely for the longest periods of time: on factory farms, in laboratories, in the clothing trade, and in the entertainment industry.

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