Body Soufflé

    Our Body Soufflé is made from an emulsion of organic oils and butters with no water so gives a rich nourishing cream. We choose cold pressed olive and calendula oil for dry skin combined with emollient avocado oil, organic shea and cocoa butter. For oily skin we balance out the skin with a combination of coconut and jojoba oil with emollient avocado oil, organic shea and cocoa butter.

    Because we choose to hand craft our cosmetics, the result is a naturally refined product containing all the natural goodness of the original ingredients. We create the finest smoothest cosmetic without any filtering or harsh agitation.


    “Radiate your personality & your style” – match your couture…

    Fashion is about expressing yourself, a look, a moment in time that defines you. Match that with your perfume, love your skin and Smell the way you feel.


    Introducing a discreetly naughty botanical musk built on elegance and mystery.

    For the confident sexy independent lady….

    Alluring Soufflé


    A soft sophisticated sandalwood perfume lifted by subtle vanilla and an exquisite hint of floral.

    Attract your courtiers….

    Entourage Soufflé


    Feeling cheeky and just that little bit playful?

    Try French Kisses to add a naughty but nice raspberry explosion…

    French Kisses Soufflé


    A-list perfume perfect for a night on the town with an explosion of English florals drifting over sexy deep musky tones.

    Watch me do my thing….

    Paparazzi Soufflé


    Classically dark scents lifted by fragrant herbs intertwined with refreshing eucalyptus and florals. Silhouette brings a herbaceous freshness.

    Emphasises your understated style…

    Silhouette Soufflé


    Sweet exotic florals float above vanilla and soft woody scents. A stylish powerful perfume perfect for a night on the town.

    Let your body sway to a distinctive tempo in stiletto…

    Stiletto Soufflé


    Evocative retro perfumery to capture the imagination…

    A celebration of iconic moments, looks and smells that have captured the imagination of teens throughout the decades.


    33RPM brings the retro illusion of the record shop with a deep smokey fragrance heavenly balanced with soft colourful floral notes…

    33RPM Soufflé


    Geek brings the arcade and console genre back with a hint of burnt transformer intertwined with a subtle lasting deep smokey finish…

    Geek Soufflé


    A spray of amber spicy cologne lifted with delicate florals of jasmine and lavender. Punk chic brings style, elegance and a sense of ore….

    Pretty Vacant Soufflé