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    Cheltenham’s Fashion, Art and Music Awards Ceremony

    Photograph: David Sutton Event: Fashion, Art and Music Awards Ceremony Venue: Pitville Pump Rooms Cheltenham 28th October Producer: Syed Akhtar

    Left to Right: George Winston Ellis Alex Reid Deborah Jay Kelly Julian Gamm

    Wonderful and exciting things are happening; in fact they happen most of the time, the key to truly enjoying them is to embrace them. Do things that make you scared, do things that make you think twice, do things that you’ve never done before and do them with all the energy you have. Pao will do exactly this on Sunday 28th October, when he steps into Cheltenham’s Fashion, Art and Music awards ceremony. Pao is one man alone representing an entire brand, a brand that is still relatively new to the wider world, it’s easy to feel hesitant when faced with a situation you find yourself in for the first time ever; he is used to the familiarity of his cosmetics kitchen and the warmth of coffee shop meetings, but it’s impossible to stay small forever and if now is not the time to push Pincerna out into the universe then when? The plan has always been to be bold.

    Style, fashion and art; the Fashion, Art and Music awards is bringing together people that are passionate about all of these things. Alex Reid and Winston George Ellis are two recognisable names that will be holding meet and greets for a few of those in attendance. Aside from them there is a host of designers, models and other interesting artists that will be there for the night, and you better believe that some of the best events are those that are filled with people that you’ve never heard of. Amongst the runways, the music and the networking you’ll find Pincerna, thrust into a world that it has no previous experience with, a world, however, that I think you’ll find it was meant to be a part of all along. As a designer, cosmetics artist and business man, Pao is creating something revolutionary; his innovative methods, his entirely unique brand image and above all, his electric style earned him his invite to the awards.

    Honorary V.I.P Legendary Artist/Singer/Sing Writer Audrey Scott

    The evening has been created to celebrate 100 years of women’s independence and cultural diversity, two things that the industry would not exist without. Within the world of beauty, there are women around every corner you turn. Models, artists, designers, musicians, there are millions of beautiful and powerful women that occupy these roles and continue to thrive in them; whilst the industry has become more inclusive of all genders, you cannot deny the impact that some women are able to make, wherever they decide to step foot.  Cultural diversity has given us the freedom to explore different avenues and take things in directions that may not have been thought possible before. At the heart of it all it comes down to people and the celebration of individuality, what each person can do for another, their talents and imagination and how it manifests into something tangible, something that can be appreciated by the many. It’s only natural that a fashion and design event should call to celebrate diversity, and as a brand, Pincerna is happy to be around others that want acknowledge the differences in people, after all it is that very same diversity that makes Pincerna the vibrant brand that it is.

    Left to Right: Pao Pincerna Sanju Baba

    Like I said, exciting things are happening, maybe this event is no huge deal for some, but Pincerna is still a small name that’s just bursting to get out into the world. Pao is a self-styled ‘Man in a Hat’ (and trust me, there are some wonderful hats), who by himself does the job of a whole team. In an industry that is constantly evolving and growing it’s so important to stay relevant. Self-styling and image are absolutely essential to make an impact because if you don’t stand out you’re not going anywhere. With beautiful products and the image and reputation to go with it, it’s no doubt that Pincerna is going to go far, the only question that needs to be asked is ‘when?’

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