Find out more about the journey from ordering your Pincerna Cosmetic to it being delivered.

    Pincerna was inspired from the fresh food industry, the open kitchens in restaurants, the additive and harsh preservative free world of natural/organic food.

    People think of cosmetics differently for some reason, we all know pre-prepared meals and fast food are full of junk to keep them fresh.

    Why is the cosmetics industry any different? It isn’t, most products are synthetically bound and harshly preserved to keep them fresh.

    How long has your cosmetic been sat in a distribution warehouse, shop storage room or on the shelf? You have no idea, there is no industry regulation for this.

    We make fresh with a ‘Born On Date’ so you receive a cosmetics hand made after you have ordered it. Or if you are buying in one of our lovely artisan outlets, you can see when it was made.

    Our cosmetics have been batch tested for micro-bacterial activity and are safe for 12 months after opening. This is an industry must now for cosmetics so we have worked very hard to create cosmetics that are safe and have been preserved with natural vitamin E and a grapefruit preservative.

    We find the complexities of the cosmetics industry disturbing and misleading. The chemistry labeling requirements allow companies to hide synthetic harsh ingredients without being detected. They use clever terminology such as ‘Natural ingredients like’ where they are hiding the synthetic. Our labels carry the same chemical name as other brands out there but ours is the natural version not the synthetically made version in the laboratory.

    ‘Big Pharma’ controls the industry where you are paying mainly for the IPO for the celebrity who is endorsing the product. The active healthy ingredients which will nourish your skin are the most expensive so they are added as a small fraction in most big brand commercial cosmetics.

    We want to be a purveyor of change and bring freshly made cosmetics that have been made with edible emulsifiers and lightly preserved.

    Ingredients in their raw unfiltered state keep the freshest, as soon as a ‘cooking’ process has happened, deterioration gradually happens.

    A cosmetic shouldn’t be a shelf ornament, it should be used regularly and replaced often. Buy a smaller size and replace more often.

    Our guidelines are to try to use within 3 months. A tip to keep cosmetics as fresh as possible is to use a spatula to remove from a jar as the skin contains bacteria that will increase the spoiling process.

    The same principle applies for artisan shops, salons and boutiques that wish to stock our cosmetics; buy little and often. We don’t want you to have to outlay large sums of money and hold our cosmetics in your stock room. We want to give you the opportunity to sell fresh and fast.

    We supply free testers , POD stand and a small training booklet to help all our outlets understand the benefits of our cosmetics.

    Embrace the ‘Born On Date’, improve your cash-flow and offer something different for your customers. Our products work fantastically well in bespoke fashion outlets, artisan retailers, health shops, salons, spas, boutique hotels and hairdressers.

    We don’t offer discounts for bulk buying, we don’t want a multi-national stocking Pincerna. They will keep dusting off the ‘Big Pharma’ cosmetic products that were probably made months ago.

    If fresh ‘Born On’ luxurious cosmetics match your ethos, then we really want to hear from you…


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