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    Pao Pincerna, the man in a hat that is responsible for the cosmetics company known as ‘Pincerna’, a brand name that you will mispronounce at least fifty more times in your life.  As far as cosmetics companies go, Pincerna is a pretty excellent one. If you’ve been reading BBB then you’ll know that in each post I try to write a little bit about what this company is, what it means to be a part of it and of course, where it wants to go. For a brand so fresh in the industry there is a lot to unpack, so naturally we thought that it was time to give you all a formal introduction to Pincerna, so that we may talk about things that might otherwise go un-talked about, and give you an idea of the madness that happens behind the scenes.

    In just a few years Pincerna has taken a massive leap from having just three products for sale to being a company that has several diverse ranges and styles available. It has made an unapologetic, dramatic entrance into the industry and this is only just the beginning. With so many exciting avenues being opened for Pincerna there is no choice but to look ahead and towards the future. Of course, nostalgia is fun and it’s always important to remember where you started, but when the hard work starts paying off there’s no excuse to do anything other than run towards opportunity.

    So, how do you build an indie brand that not only has the uncompromising quality products but also stands out on the market and remains true to the personalities and inspiration of the people behind it? Not easily, as it turns out. With one man responsible for making the magic happen it can make things challenging, but that’s what Pincerna is; it’s not a large company with hundreds of people employed to mass produce products. A large part of the charm comes from knowing that the cosmetics you buy are made to order by Pao in the cosmetic kitchen. So many large brands are unable to offer anything even close to this, and the general feeling of your own involvement in your product is something that makes Pincerna stand out from the crowd massively. Unlike so many other large brands, if you want to get to know Pao it’s really not hard. There’s nothing faceless about Pincerna at all.

    Owning and running your own company also means that you get to put a lot of yourself into the brand. Of course this can be both a good thing and a bad thing, but being able to have so much influence and say over what direction the company goes in is a wonderful advantage. Of course, this means that you have to be willing to put yourself out there which can be incredibly nerve wracking, but it also gives you the chance to make your face known to the people who are interacting with the brand. For Pao this has been an amazing chance to have an influence on the overall perception of Pincerna. With each event, fundraiser or meeting that is attended and the more people that meet ‘the man in the hat’, the clearer the understanding becomes of the company.

    If you know much about Pincerna then you’ll know that we do things differently, and the kind of ‘differently’ I mean isn’t always so obvious from the outside. Pao strives to stand out in everything he does: from adapting an incredibly unique cosmetic creative style (which isn’t easily rivalled), to ensuring that he only works with interesting people who are on board with the vibe and movement of the brand. With any company branding is extremely important, and building a social media presence is absolutely essential for anybody that wants to stay relevant. Pincerna has started to drum up an online following, steadily collecting people who are interested in staying in the loop.

    Pao’s intentions for Pincerna have always stayed (essentially) the same, at least the core ones have: to be a large cosmetics company that makes an impact on the market, taking on the large names and potentially revolutionising the cosmetics industry, or at least  revolutionising the way people see it, and to do this whilst remaining ethical, unique and of the highest achievable quality. The more the company grows and the closer it inches towards the end goal, the more important it is to remember that the very heart of the company was grown from the belief that you must always be authentically happy, unique and entirely yourself; no matter what anybody might think.

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