Find out more about our sensational range of handmade fresh cosmetics beautifully presented in non plastic packaging…


    Body Soufflé



    Raw-Natural-Original Cosmetics with a born on date. Allow 5-7 days for delivery as your cosmetic is made fresh after you order.

    The UK’s premier maker of handmade natural cosmetics. Since creating our first batch of skincare products in 2009 we have had the single vision of perfecting a pioneering method of blending ingredients called ‘Chauffage Doux’.

    We are at the forefront of challenging France, Italy and Japan as a stylist led bespoke cosmetics and perfumery house which breathes life into the finest natural ingredients to create vegan friendly luxurious natural products.

    Buying ethical fair-trade unfiltered ingredients ensures our products are the most natural and skin friendly on the market. Sustainability is firmly at the heart of our brand developing refillable containers that ooze style and help reduce wastage in our environment.


    Pincerna was inspired from the fresh food industry, the open kitchens in restaurants, the additive and harsh preservative free world of natural/organic food. We make fresh with a ‘Born On Date’ so you receive a cosmetics hand made after you have ordered it. Or if you are buying in one of our lovely artisan outlets, you can see when it was made. Find out more about ‘Artisan Handmade’ vs ‘Big Pharma’ here…

    98% Plastic Free

    Our cosmetics packaging is made from 100% recycled aluminum that has a special Eco lining to keep the cosmetic fresh. PET plastic degrades when in contact with organic material so the cream you are probably using now is slightly plastic contaminated. Our lining is food safe to ensure your cosmetic doesn’t receive any external contamination so it is fresh and safe.

    The lids of our cosmetic tubes are made from sugar-cane, the industry term is bio-plastic which is slightly misleading. These lids can be recycled but also will dissolve quickly if disposed of in the normal rubbish collection.

    The whole packaging can be put into recycling and due to the value of the material it will definitely be sold on for re-use. We are going to be teaming up with local charity recycling organisations who will love to take this packaging with the re-sale proceeds going to good causes.