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    Iconic British Culture

    British culture is an amalgamation of styles, ideas and ways of thinking. Centuries of social evolution constantly shapes what is seen as ‘definitive’ at any particular time, but with that in mind I think it’s safe to say that here in 2019 we’ve reached a point where people have taken a step back and decided that, yes, even though culture and style will always be in constant development, there are decades of iconic fashion and style that don’t deserve to be buried in the past – and really, that’s the word we want to be focusing on here ‘iconic’. Every country has their own culture, some are more rich and run a lot deeper than others. There’s no doubt in my mind that any individual can claim that their own country has a culture more soulful and enigmatic than any other, but this blog isn’t an argument against any of those things, it’s here to highlight the astounding depth of our very own British culture.

    Pincerna is a brand that’s still new to the industry, and in a couple of years Pao has done wonders in forming the overall image of his company. Everything about Pincerna is British, down to its very essence, and this is something that Pao has ensured to express in everything through packaging, media representation, the way the product is sold and, of course, the product itself. Using ingredients sourced from the UK wherever possible, every product Pao sells is as British as it can be so that the local sellers, businesses and suppliers can perpetuate and grow alongside his own brand.

    Of course, British culture isn’t all about the music and fashion, and one massive thing that’s important to talk about it the way British people shop and the way that they consume. In the past few years there’s been a huge push from British people to start taking consumerism back a few paces and to start shopping locally again. The realisation that independently owned businesses are a huge part of British culture has swooped over the population, encouraging people to rejuvenate their high streets and support the growth of businesses that would otherwise be stamped out of existence by larger corporations. There’s also a recognition that more often than not, smaller independent businesses have products that are of a far superior quality, living up the their British artisan standards and providing customers with items that are actually worth spending their money on.

    Maybe you’ve heard that Pincerna released his Dapper range of men’s perfume oils back in 2018. It wasn’t an easy journey, but finally the product made it out there, it’s a glorious collection of scents that capture essential areas of British style. Although the oils themselves are amazingly heady and the smell will stay with you for hours, Dapper stands out not only because of its quality but also because of its design and the stylistic journey that comes with it. The scented oils are created and sold in such a fashion as to take the customer back to what cologne was originally used for, a soothing balm that’s used after a traditional shave; this itself is a British cultural past time that’s being revived – by making cologne oils without the use of alcohol, the cosmetics are reminiscent of the kind that would be found in a traditional barber shop. This overall sense of nostalgia is cast across the entire product range, but individual scents each focus on a style or an era which has been reimagined and brought back into the front of our minds. Dapper is a range created for Dapper men, and the variety in the oils means it makes itself available to everybody, promising a unique cologne that will feel as if it’s been tailored just for you.

    Pincerna’s entire perfume range is about revival of those ‘iconic’ parts of British culture, but with a modern twist. The idea is to revolutionise the cosmetics industry, not just with the product but with the brand. Whilst the scents and styles of the oils are all familiar and nostalgic to consumers, they’re injected with modernisation which is what makes them relevant and in demand here in 2019; it’s not about going backwards, it’s about taking what is already known and elaborating on it, twisting it up  and making it into something unforgettable. As long as British culture never stops moving, neither will the ideas and inspiration that fuel the creativity of British artisan brands like Pincerna.

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