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    Lactic Acid

    Lactic acid is one of a group of organic compounds collectively referred to as alpha hydroxy acids, or AHAs. They’re widely used in cosmetic products, primarily as gentle exfoliants for skin care. Lactic acid is also frequently incorporated into hair-care products. Although it is largely associated with dairy products, the acid is also produced by the human body.
    Lactic acid is an ingredient in many shampoos and other hair-care products. It serves a number of purposes, depending on how the product is formulated. With hair that has become dry and scaly, lactic acid and other mild acids relax and smooth the hair, making it more manageable. One major shampoo manufacturer touts lactic acid on its website as an ingredient that helps restore strength and elasticity to hair by altering the ionic charge of its molecules. In slightly higher concentrations, lactic acid also strips away part of the hair’s protective keratin coating. This improves hair’s ability to absorb other restorative ingredients.
    Ours is naturally sourced and added in the smallest of quantities due to the potency.
    CAS Number: 50-21-5
    EWG Score

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