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    Quality, Fair, Ethical

    It’s the 21st century, and let me tell you, we have a revolution on our hands. Social media is a wonderful thing; not only has it succeeded in connecting our world, but it’s also given us one of the largest available platforms to express ourselves. It is such a powerful tool that social media influencers with a large follower base constantly use their voices to speak about what they want from products, places and all things consumable. We have such an impact now that it cannot be ignored. Quality, Fair, Ethical; three words that have become driving forces behind the current evolution of the consumables industry. We have said goodbye to the days where you could walk into a café and order a ‘coffee’, instead the comfort and style of independent coffee houses has been welcomed with open arms. It is the same for chain restaurants as we discover that there is a secret food fanatic hidden within all of us. Mediocrity is no longer acceptable, instead what we ask for is an experience.

    The millennial generation is one that works hard and then harder still; all jokes aside about avocados, we love to spend money on ourselves. Disposable income is the best friend of small businesses which is why they have to adapt and change with the demands of the people willing to spend it. Back to those three words I mentioned earlier, Quality, Fair and Ethical; it’s no secret that the current consumers have been steadily developing a consciousness about the quality they deserve from the things they’re buying. With Veganism on the rise it’s only natural that the moral concerns surrounding the welfare of animals has expanded, becoming an imperative part of every consumable experience. Quality has always been an essential, but the last few years has seen an increase in sales of ‘luxury’ brands. People buying a product are willing to spend that little bit extra to ensure that the quality of the item they’re receiving is worth the money they’re parting with. New standards have been set, this means better and richer items. So, we have our ethics, our quality and now we want our ‘fair’. It is so important that not only are ingredients sourced from a fair and reputable source, but also that the welfare of everybody involved is taken into consideration. People from all over have taken a stand, asking for fair wage, fair trade and above all, fair treatment. When we treat ourselves, we want to make sure that the rest of the world has been treated with kindness also.

    With all this in mind, I introduce Pincerna. With the cosmetics industry as forceful and demanding as it currently is, Pincerna cannot be faulted. Pao, the wonderful magician behind these products uses the best ingredients he can get his hands on. Not only is everything made to order, but they’re also made with care and attention using a method he refers to as ‘Chauffage Doux’, which is more of an art form than a ‘method’; a revolutionary way of cosmetic making which involves the art of temperature control. It may take slightly longer for you to receive your Pincerna product, but when you do your skin will thank you for waiting. All of Pao’s cosmetics are made in an open kitchen by hand. No nasty batch making and no animal derivatives get anywhere near them, which gives them a clean, authentic feel.

    Having sampled the hand cream and the stunning ‘Paparazzi’ perfume oil, I can vouch for the fact that we have something special entering the scene here. The items carry themselves on quality first and foremost. The hand cream isn’t heavily scented, but the silky feeling that follows after using it for the first time allows it its subtle scent. The oil on the other hand smells so beautiful that you can barely believe it’s not been created synthetically, and the fact that it makes your skin fantastically smooth is the cherry on top. A stunning, simplistic colour scheme presents this as a high class product, which it is in all ways except pricing. What we are offered is the luxury without the extortionate prices, which I, and many others like me, are extremely grateful for. Pao plans to take this industry by storm, and with so many new and exciting things on the way for Pincerna there’s a lot to keep our eyes peeled for. If you like your cosmetics with a side of edge and style, I suggest you tag along for the journey.

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