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    The Beauty Awards with OK! Magazine

    Busy, busy, busy. It’s that time of year where everybody is busy, so much so in fact that I have no idea how you currently have the time to be reading this. Pincerna is no exception, actually, I think by now Pao has mastered the art of squeezing a weeks worth of work into a single 7 hour period. The OK National Beauty Awards approach us at an alarmingly exciting rate, and if you’ve never heard of them then don’t worry, I’ll breakdown the bits you need to know. Celebrities, beauty editors, bloggers and people that are right in the thick of the cosmetics industry gather under one roof – the Park Plaza in Westminster – to celebrate and judge some of the best beauty products that have emerged in 2018. Now, whilst Pincerna isn’t quite ready to be thrust into the actual competition, all 1000 guests in attendance will find one of the luxurious perfume oils in their gift bags.

    It’s a well known fact at this point that Pincerna is only interested in delivering the best of the best, and if a product is not up to standard then it simply doesn’t leave the kitchen. Everything is handmade fresh to order, and has a ‘born on date’ so you know exactly how long your product has been around. Making cosmetics for 1000 guests whilst maintaining the quality that is a core part of your brand? It’s going to be difficult, but it’s not something that Pao would ever be willing to compromise on. With one man alone responsible for the making, pouring, labelling and packaging of the products it is easy to feel defeated before the task has even begun. So many cosmetics companies have large machines that they can rely on to do the bulk of the work for them, but the fact that every Pincerna product is handmade in a cosmetics kitchen is what merits it the ‘Artisan’ label; not only does it add quality, it adds character and depth and it gives people something to talk about.

    As a British cosmetics brand, it’s only natural that Pincerna draws inspiration from British culture. Product names like ‘Debonair’ and ‘Pretty Vacant’ instantly conjure images of not only styles, but also of iconic eras that may have passed, but still have some presence in 2018. The magical thing about the perfume oils is the amount of research that Pao has done to create the perfect scent for each one. With scent being such a powerful tool it’s absolutely imperative that each oil is successful in casting your mind back to the era and style that it is named after. I’ve had the privilege a few times now to sample several of the scents, and each one sits on your skin like an accessory instead of just a perfume, which in itself is indicative of exactly how much work goes into each silver bottle.

    Pincerna is still a very new brand, only having been fully established 2 years ago, despite this it’s absolutely dying to get its name out there as part of the bigger picture of the cosmetics industry. The OK National Beauty Awards are the perfect opportunity for Pincerna to do its thing in front of some amazing people, but with every opportunity like this comes a natural questioning about whether it’s the right move to make. It can be difficult to put yourself out there to be judged by people who make up the core of an industry that you’re working your way into. There is no questioning the years of hard work and dedication that Pao has put into Pincerna, resulting in a product that not only fits inside of the gift bags for this event, but will inevitably stand out amongst the rest. With a brand this demanding of attention, the only thing Pao needs to worry about is taking that first step; after all, with plans to take on some of the biggest names in the beauty industry, that really is what this is, the first step.

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