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    The Human Experience

    The ‘Human Experience’ is a concept that each of us has an inherent understanding of, yet despite this it is something that we can never fully understand; each of us lives our own experience but we can only be told about how others live theirs. Some people may think that this isolates us from each other,  the best people know that it brings us together, because even though we all live our separate lives  our shared experiences bond us to each other. In our small world we have billions of people living, breathing and most importantly expressing themselves. It’s true that some have to fight harder than others for the freedom to be who they really are, it is also true that some don’t have access to that freedom whatsoever. It is neither easy or pleasant to attempt to imagine a situation in which we are stripped of our right to be who we are.

    We are living in a time that forces us to make conscious decisions in our day to day lives. Decisions about speech and interaction with others, the way that we view people and how what we say has an impact on them. It’s not a new notion, as we know there have been powerful and passionate people for hundreds of years that have used their voices to speak out about prejudice; people who dedicated their lives to see an end to it, and although the world is not at the place where it needs to be in terms of prejudice, there are more people than ever working to fight against it. With such a strong collective voice speaking out against the social issues regarding image and identity it’s impossible to ignore the things we are being told about other people’s ‘human experiences’.  Movements like feminism, black pride and lgbtq+ are more important than ever, because even though it seems as though we may be making progress, there is still a strong degree of discrimination that won’t disappear on its own.

    When there is such serious negativity in the world it’s hard to look past it, especially when it’s centred around important issues that need focus and attention. It’s easy to be wrapped up in it, but wherever you look there is positivity and beauty to be found. Every day we see people raising each other up and empowering others to be confident in who they are; encouraging them to disregard the Beauty standards that we’ve followed for so long and to create their own instead. In becoming a society that challenges the ideals that are in place, we are showing people that they don’t need to be afraid to be who they are, because there will always be thousands of people standing right there behind them.

    Pao has built Pincerna around the idea that expression is such a hugely important part of our modern society that it needs to be threaded into every experience we have. The designs of the product, the marketing and the way the cosmetics are made are all reflective of the desire to embrace the people involved with Pincerna – whether they be customers or people along for the journey – as if they were an audience. That’s the wonderful thing with freedom of expression, it allows you to turn your cosmetics brand into an interactive artistic journey. Pincerna may be a cosmetics company, but at its core are a team of people that value diversity, identity, individuality and above all, people that are comfortable being themselves. Pao believes that everybody has a story to tell; to him it is irrelevant of who it is telling the story, as long as they are living their truth. Above anything else, Pincerna is here for anybody who wants to be a part of it.

    There is no pretending that this isn’t a difficult subject to talk about; as I mentioned earlier everybody lives their own individual experience. It is important to acknowledge that different groups of people face different prejudices that others will never have to think about, and whilst we may not be able to understand fully, we can empathise and stand with the people who are targeted and fight with them. With this in mind I urge you all to go on living your truth. Be as weird, garish, loud and vibrant as you can be, as long as you are being yourself.

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